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TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE AND PURCHASE OF AN HDB RESALE FLAT 4 6 FIRST APPOINTMENT 6.1 Both the seller and buyer must attend the First Appointment for the processing of their resale application. If any party does not attend the appointment, the HDB has the right to reject or cancel the application.

Our first appointment @ HDB is coming. My dear. Exciting bo.… RSS. k_star_k. HDB first appointment. How to create appointment scheduling form with fixed … I want a form for the customer to choose a specific date and time and stay longer unavailable to other customers. I also wish I receive a statement sayingA new response has been received: JOTFORM Answered by ashwin_d Hello Ricardo, You may also like to check " Appointment Slots " widget and...

Apr 20, 2015 ... The purpose of appointment is (1) to assess your eligibility to purchase an ... Tip: Try to arrange for loan assessment as early as possible before the ... For balloting by HDB, you will receive a specific time slot to arrive on the ...

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Schedule with the Appointment Book - PCC Learn For example, if a 5-minute visit is being scheduled within a 15-minute time slot, other schedulers will be able to use the remaining 10 minutes simultaneously. If you hold a time slot, the Appointment Book will continue to hold it if you open the patient’s chart, visit another tab, or perform another action. How to Buy a Resale HDB Flat - Singapore Real Estate Agent You may refer to the enquiry on available dates for resale first appointment eService to see available dates and time slots. Subsequent changes to the appointment date can be made by either the buyer or seller by logging onto My HDBPage (with consent of both parties). Second appointment. If the resale application is approved, the HDB will Multiple Appointments Per Time Slot - User Guide To create a schedule: If needed, adjust the start and end time of each day to make sure your time slots are created at the right times. For Example: If the first available appointment starts at 8am and the last available appointment ends at 5pm, you would choose the 8am start time and 5pm end time for each day.

Please note to include a 30 minutes buffer time for all appointments. For example, if your slot is at 13:00, our consultant will arrive between 13:00-13:30. Samples will also be provided during appointment at your home or in our showroom. For irregular shape window, such as L-shaped, additional charges apply.

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1. Yes, first appointment is your selection date, and you must book your desired flat on the very same day. If not, consider you give up your chance. So all the homework should be done before the actual day. 2. Erm, the HDB officer will do all the SOP for you, so no need worry. If you eligible for anything. they will inform you as well. Will the new HDB Resale Portal Affect Real ... - Ming Property In the current system, the sale of the HDB flat is only confirmed after the first appointment with the HDB Officer. It’s only at this time, the HDB Officer will do an official check of all the documents, confirmed the eligibility and verify the financial aspects of the transaction such as HDB Loan, CPF funds, bank loan and so on. The Ultimate Guide to buying a resale HDB flat in 2017 ... How much do you need to budget for your resale HDB flat? More often than not, first time buyers will start looking around for a resale HDB flat and spend lot of time searching for a suitable home only to find that their approximate budget in their heads does not translate to affordability in real life. HDB Resale Timeline - HDBhero