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Useful macros (1.0) | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The material herein was valid in pre-B.C. WoW; but most, if not all, has been discontinued, ... Use: Pops the trinket you have equipped in the first trinket slot. InventorySlotId | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia This article or section is a World of Warcraft API stub. ... Macro API ... Use GetInventorySlotInfo (invSlotName) to get the current mapping. ... 10 = hands: 11 = finger 1: 12 = finger 2: 13 = trinket 1: 14 = trinket 2: 15 = back: 16 = main hand: 17 = off ... Check if Trinket is off Cooldown, then Use it. - OwnedCore Sep 17, 2010 ... You know every failed spell or trinket use trigger a GCD of like 0.5 or more. ... You cant use if statements in WoW Macros, or any decision operators with ... Where Mark of Supremacy is the item and 62 is actionbar slot. Can use ... Trinket Slots |

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/cast tells the macro that you’re going to be using a spell. Another common one is /use if you’re going to be telling the macro to use a trinket or item. [@target] tells the macro to cast the spell on your current target. You can technically omit this part for casting things on your current target, but we’ll be doing some more advanced ... Wow Item Slot Macro Numbers - LogosDirect - UI & Macros indiana casino resorts - Wowhead Forums WoW item slot for macro | World of Warcraft GamePlay Guides How to use an item wow item slot macro numbers with a macro Wow Macro | Macro for Wow Inventory Slot Numbers - WoWInterface Need help with macro. 2 wow I'm trying to make a make that includes my 2nd slot trinket, does anybody know ... Wow Makro Trinket Slot 1 -

Using a trinket often activates a shared cooldown on trinkets with similar effects. Using a trinket does not activate the Global Cooldown. Trinkets cannot be equipped when in combat. Trinkets in an action bar have a green border when equipped. DPS classes will almost always want to have a macro that activates all of their on-use trinkets at ...

Macro Problem, Pyroblast after trinket use? - Mage - … I’ve made a macro and the trinkets get used but Pyroblast won’t cast, even if my on- use trinkets are on cooldown.Wow will only activate 1 GCD ability per macro activation Go hereThis epic trinket of item level 385 goes in the "Trinket" slot. It is looted and sold by NPCs.

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Trinket Wow Macro | Macro for Wow | Warcraft Macro Description: To make a macro trinket, you will want to utilize the “/use” macro command. Your trinkets are in slot 13 and 14, so to use one the command is: /use 13. Since trinkets are on the global cooldown, you can combine them with any spell you want afterwards. You can even combine them with multiple spells that also aren’t on the GCD. Macro to use Trinket Slot 1? - Off Topic - Arena Junkies

Just typical stuff really, 13 = trinket slot 1 (trinket slot 2 would be /use 14), 10 = your gloves engineering enchant. I have a separate bind for the on-use trinket, gloves and Icy Veins, however I also have a bind for all-in-one, new mages or mages who lack binds, can easily use the all in one macro above :).

If you have two "use" trinkets, the macro will use whatever is in slot 13 the top trinket , the other trinket will have a 20 second cool down.This brief Wow macro guide will teach you how to use items in a macro like potions, trinkets, belt tinkers and more. Adding macros to your dps, tank or... HOWTO: Make a Macro - NeoWiki | How do I use an item/… The macro will be automatically saved when you first try to use it or when you close the macros window.With this macro, WoW chooses Arcane Power for the feedback. However, this is probably not what you really want.Equip a trinket to the lower trinket slot Trinket slot numbers wow | Best games on-line Trinket slot numbers wow. World of Warcraft Wiki. , Pages. Add new page.Need trinket macro help! Macros can refer to different slots with those numbers. 13 is the top trinket slot. Macro to help keep trinkets used in battle - General…